<aside> 📌 Sheily is a postgraduate in English and an experienced content and copywriter with 3 years of writing experience under her belt. Her experience includes quality content created for leading IT brands like ‘Cognizant’ and ‘SAP labs’ and well-known Indian brands like ‘AAYNA’. She is currently working for the AAYNA clinic where she handles blogs, SEO content for their website, Google ads, and social media copy. In her recent upskilling course, Content & Copywriting Pro with My Captain, she gained experience in platforms like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Canva, and more.


Skill Set

Content/creative writing

SEO optimized content


Content writing across social media and web


Mediums Chosen

LINKEDIN - Relating to Headspace for office-going youth, Linkedin can be a particularly effective medium for making awareness.

EMAILERS - Email can be a powerful tool for promoting meditation and mindfulness offerings to office-going youth. With its broad reach, personalization options, and ability to create visually appealing and engaging emails, Headspace can effectively communicate the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to this target audience.

PRINT ADS - Print ads can be a valuable tool for promoting their meditation and mindfulness offerings to the office-going youth audience. By appearing in targeted publications, such as health and wellness magazines or lifestyle publications for young professionals, Headspace can reach a large and engaged audience that is interested in improving their mental health.

BILLBOARDS - By placing billboards in high-traffic areas, such as busy intersections and highways, near popular office buildings, and on roads leading to and from business districts, Headspace can reach the target audience with their message and grab their attention.

Media Plan

Media Plan Link